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Book Review : The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me

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Title : The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me
Author : Roald Dahl
Age : 4 to 8 yrs
Image source : Amazon

Has anybody ever imagined what would animals do to earn their living if they happen to come to human world where everything comes with a price tag? How can they use their uniqueness to their benefit ? This story deals with one such case.

The story starts with a small boy Billy longingly looking at an old grubber (sweet-shop) building because he had this cherished dream of owning a unique sweet shop which could house all kinds exotic sweets sourced from different parts of the world. But unfortunately the building gets sold to a new company - Ladderless Window Cleaning Company.

Curious Billy keeps looking at the building when he meets the owners of the new company. A self sufficient trio - a giraffe, a pelican and a monkey coming together to form a window cleaning company, who neither need any ladder to reach any heights nor any buckets to do their job. Quite an innovative method of cleaning windows. They invite Billy to be their business manager.

They are approached by Duke of Hampshire - the richest person in England to get the 677 window glasses of his huge palace cleaned. That was a big project for this new company and they manage to make an impression on the Duke with their display of cleaning feat and also by saving Duke's diamonds worth millions and millions of dollars. How? You have to read it to know how.

The duke is very impressed by how the work is done so efficiently and with minimum paraphernalia. And in return what they all get is unimaginable for them, even for Billy.

Truly, a wonderful piece of imagination. Very funny and exciting and the bonus is getting to know about some peculiar features of these animals. Roald Dahl is one of the famous story tellers of all times and true to his fame, he has weaved a wonderful and interesting story to grip the attention of children from one page to another

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