Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book Review : Kachru Rabbit

Title : Kachru Rabbit
Author : Sangeeta Gupta and Vinita Krishna
Illustrated by : Neeta Gangopadhya
Publisher : CBT

I remember having very specific preferences for some food items while not being open to some, when I was very small. On my mother's coaxing to try something new, I used to say "Sher mar jaayega par ghaas nahin khaayega" (Lion can die but will never eat grass). But with time, this "sher" has undergone great transformation and now eats and actually likes everything without any hangups. As a mother of two little children now, I am on the other side doing exactly what my mother did - convincing children to try different fruits, vegetables and other food items to get desired nutrients.

'Kachru Rabbit' is a great book to bring the same point across to the children. All parents go through times when they look for some innovative ideas to make children try new food items to get a balanced diet. Kachru Rabbit is one such kid who just likes to eat his favourite carrots all the time and refuses to try anything but carrots. He has his graden full of carrots and he enjoys them in all forms.

He munches his favourite food and sings along -

"Yummy yummy carrots, thick and juicy,

Eat them as halwa, eat them soupy,

Tender carrots as salad

I chew, I like them, I love them, what about you?"

Unlike Kachru, his neighbour Matru likes all vegetables and sings along munching his medley of veggies.

Something coerces Kachru to consider options other than carrots and what happens when he tries them - does he like different vegetables or does his loyalty to carrots grow even stronger.

Read the book to find out.

Young readers of 3 to 6 yrs, would enjoy reading this simple picture book. My younger one especially liked the small poems that Kachru and his neighbour sang along expressing their love for what they eat.


  1. A loved this book, although she has read a Hindi version of it. And you have been tagged.

  2. Thanks for tagging me Sandhya!

    Hmmmm... where should I start from

    1) I always liked to have one vehicle or the other, mainly for the independence it gives me and not having to wait for somebody to take me around.

    2) I am reasonably good with directions. When my husband drives, he relies on my sense of directions and the map reading abilites and we do reach the correct destination (auto-wallas provide major help ;)

    2) I do all vege/fruit, grocery shopping during the weekdays, to let my husband relax over the weekend (Sandhya, exactly the way you do)

    3) I take care of all bill payments, EMIs and other banking stuff.

    4) Like doing some investments in Mutual Funds and other instruments too.

    5) I'm not into jewellery, just wear gold bangles, one gold chain and two studs. Do not change anything.

    6) No makeup is pretty much the norm. Just a tiny plain Shilpa bindi everyday.

    7) Never had long nails even when I was getting married and just applied nail paint at that time.

    8) No feminine colours much, like earth colours - browns, greys, creams.

    9) Take decisions quickly whether its about clothes, books, investments, home etc.

    10)The things that I love to do - read and write a lot, sing, cook, bake, stitch, knit, paint, draw ...
    Actually I like to try different things and must thank my husband here for giving me the flexibility of having the whole time to myself rather than committing to any specific job.

    Here are the rules for the tag

    I would like to tag Ranjani, Maya, Chitra, Archana and will add some more names to the list...

  3. Thanks for doing the tag, Vibha. Yes, you were right. It is uncanny how we have so many things in common. It was interesting to read about them.:)


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