Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review : Adventures of Rusty & Ginger Fox

Title : Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox
Author and Photographer : Tim Ostermeyer
Publisher : Synergy Books
ISBN : 978-0-9845040-0-8

Rusty and Ginger are two fox cubs who belong to a friendly fox family and till now they have seen the forest and its different inhabitants through the eyes of their mom and dad. But now their fur is slowly turning red from brown, which is an indication that they are ready to leave the safety of their log and explore the jungle world on their own. So they excitedly set off on their adventure where they meet some very shy and some scary, some harmless and some ferocious, some friendly and some not so friendly creatures living in the jungle. And then they spot something very sparkly on an island which is located in the middle of the lake. They are very inquisitive and want to know about the hidden treasure in that sparkly thing lying far away in the middle of the lake. But to reach that place, they need to swim which they have not done without their Mom or Dad. While they are still contemplating what to do, they hear the familiar voices of their parents. Now together the whole family embarks on the task of solving the mystery of the sparkling article on the island. But how do they solve the mystery, who comes to assist them and what comes out of it? Read this interesting adventurous tale to find out.

The beautiful wildlife photography by Tim Ostermeyer brings the cubs and all the animals that they meet, to life and overall gives a very fresh look to the story and to the book. There are some pages providing factual information about the animals that are introduced in the story. I specifically liked the little but very significant detail of putting the paw prints of the animals along with the wildlife information and that completes the brief introduction on every animal that the little cubs meet on their first expedition.
I have read many children's books on animals and their habitats but this one is very unique and imparts the true feel of the forest thanks to the enchanting wildlife photographs by Tim.
His work can be seen at: Ostermeyer-Photography


  1. Hey Vibha!

    Liked your blog. Kids seem to be your forte.
    Loved those reviews.

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Harsha. I like to write on diverse range of books including children's books too.


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