Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Review : Fun of Dying

Title : Fun of Dying

Author : Roberta Grimes

Publisher : Greater Reality Publications

ISBN : 978-0-9802111-1-5

Fun of Dying is about the one issue which has intrigued humans since time immemorial, the main reason being lack of knowledge about the afterlife and what to expect when we exit this world. Roberta Grimes attempts to put some of such anxieties to rest through this interesting book. After having researched so much on this topics, she educates us with authority that death is an easy and enjoyable transition quite unlike what most of us anticipate in our minds. It doesn't hurt and it's not frightening. Our present seemingly solid reality makes it hard for many of us to believe that an equally solid and real afterlife is possible.

She first points out that there has been two modern bastions - mainstream science and mainstream religion. 'Mainstream scientists believe that there is nothing after death to discover, while mainstream clergymen are sure that there is nothing more to know.'

Well supported by the research on death, afterlife, reincarnation and out of body experiences, she further elaborates that there are abundant afterlife evidences which consistently bring out the same results. 'The experience has been like reading hundreds of accounts by a century's worth of travelers to Fiji. They had widely differing experiences but clearly they were all describing the same complex and fascinating place.'

She describes how people may feel during the time of pre-death and post-death, primarily based on the experiences of people themselves who are successfully reached during those phases. The author virtually takes us to the other world and talks about the reception time when folks one knows keep turning up in the prime of their life, immaterial of when they died and at what age. (This part reminded me of 'Five People you Meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom.)

And eventually everyone must encounter the review of the life that he/she spent on Earth. The hardest part of the life review process is that of forgiving oneself for umpteen number of times some cruel things were said and the number of times the person ignored or missed the chance to do an act of kindness.

After having clearly explained the feeling that one experiences while the whole life flashes through him/her, she proceeds on to explain how the knowledge about the afterlife makes and should make us realize that we are here in this world for a purpose, which is - to learn to forgive and learn to love others universally.

Overall an interesting book about the topic which has been researched a lot but nothing can be said about it with authority because while here we can not have the perspective to even view the other world even though people from afterlife describe their experiences vividly.

The book provides enough stimulants for the readers to do more research on this topic. It surely sparks the curiosity to know more, and does satisfy some anxieties.

However, some of the things that are mentioned in the book may seen inconsistent with other written literature on death but if the book manages to motivate the people to learn to love and to forgive while here, I think the job is done.


  1. Thanks for this review Vibha,as it has certainly sparked my curiosity and if I ever get the opportunity to read this book I will do so with interest.

  2. Thanks Lindy. Its so good to see you here. Let me how you felt after reading it.

  3. I have to locate a copy first but will certainly try to do so. Thankyou for becoming a follower on LindyLouMac's Book Reviews, it is much appreciated.

  4. interesting!I haven't read any books in this genre.. putting it on my TBR


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