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Book Review : Simply Fly

This book is among the shortlisted books in 'Popular Category' for Vodafone Crossword Book Awards 2010.

Title : Simply Fly

Author : Captain Gopinath

Publisher : Collins Business

ISBN : 978-81-7223-842-1

'Simply Fly' is a story of a small boy hailing from a remote village, who went on to don multiple roles and became an iconic figure, an inspiring personality, a true entrepreneur, a fighter and a true karma yogi.

In his autobiography, Captain Gopinath takes the readers through the journey of his life beginning from a very humble setting, joining Indian Army, quitting Army for pursuing some unknown dreams, becoming a farmer, going into silkworm rearing, foraying into hotel business, venturing into a series of other businesses and finally assimilating his experience of years to establish the biggest business venture - Air Deccan. The dream behind Air Deccan was to give wings to a common man. Captain Gopinath is the person responsible for making air travel accessible for masses. As is obvious, the path was not free of impediments, be it in the form of nature's uncertainty, redtapism, bribery, lack of funds or political machinery delays.

But Captain's indefatigable courage, energy, passion, fighting spirit and determination to take an untraveled path and to achieve the goals are exemplary. He is a live example of the fact that no problem, no roadblock, no hurdle is big enough if it is up against strong perseverance and grit. His unfettered resolve to leave a task only when the goal is accomplished was the burning fire which helped him achieve whatever he aimed for.

This book is suitable as a guide for budding entrepreneurs and could be prescribed as a supplement in senior classes at school level and management institutions. It is sure to stimulate the young minds with hope that nothing is impossible and there are innumerable avenues waiting to be tapped by efficient people. Sky is the limit if conviction is strong.

I really liked the flow of the autobiography, however at some places too many unimportant details could have been edited out. These portions just increase the volume of the book rather than giving much to chew on.

Personally for me, what distinguishes an autobiography from a biography is the personal touch and warmth lent to it by the author. This is one significant aspect which makes a good autobiography stand apart from many others. I found the above mentioned pre-requisites somewhat lacking in Simply Fly.

Captain Gopinath has quoted many great people throughout his book which shows how well read the author is himself.

Some excerpts from the book:

Your energy, you passion, your ability to lose yourself in the entirety and the nitty-gritty of your venture to the exclusion of everything else is more important than capital. Thinking is the capital; enterprise is the way; hard work is the solution - APJ Abdul Kalam

A true entrepreneur is one who creates wealth where it did not exist earlier by creating a new market and a new customer. They create something new, something different, they change and transmute values and on a size and scale that will impact the society.

All great businesses involve two things - One is having great idea. Two is having great people around you. The third is the ability to retain good people is what will count most.

Happiness is a mirage if you look at it as a destination to arrive at. If you take joy in the everyday things of life, you will never need to embark on a journey towards an elusive destination. If work is your joy, you never need to toil at all in life.

A Brief About The Vodafone Crossword Book Awards:

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The Vodafone Crossword Book Award is one of the most prestigious and popular literary prizes in India that not only recognizes and rewards the best of Indian writing but also actively promotes the authors and their books.

The Vodafone Crossword Book Awards are given out in the following categories:

1. Vodafone Crossword Fiction Award.

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4. Vodafone Crossword Children’s Award.

5. Vodafone Crossword Popular Award.

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