Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Review : Death By China

Title : Death By China

Author : Peter Navarro and Greg Autry

Publisher : Prentice Hall

ISBN : 978-0-13-218023-8

'Death by China' focuses on how following a meticulously systematic approach, China is attempting to cripple the economy of America under the pretense of 'free trade'. And in this whole process the defense of the country is also getting compromised to a significant degree. The book exposes the stark reality behind the glittering exterior and offers an eye opener for all.

The authors Peter Navarro and Greg Autry talk about the multi-pronged attack adopted by China and its policies on every feasible front - be it currency manipulation, espionage, capturing diverse markets, destroying jobs or pumping poison in the name of medicines, food or drugs. Rules and regulations of free trade are openly violated, ethics are disregarded, principles are conveniently tweaked and surprisingly not much has been done to combat this trend so far. I found the second and third sections the most interesting parts of the book, in which China's gradual domination on resources of Earth and that of outer space are discussed. China has all sorts of weapons in its artillery to accomplish the task of treacherous onslaught master minded by the corrupt Chinese leaders. After having discussed the threats and warning signs that America is facing from the venomous dragon, the authors move on to suggest some clear and workable actions that the US could adopt to safeguard its interests.

The book is a very well written piece of writing, based on thorough research and detailed analysis. The chapters and sub topics are neatly organized in a logical fashion. True to its title 'Confronting the Dragon - A Global Call to Action', the book does motivate the readers that something should be done sooner than later to eradicate the termite kind attack which is fast weakening the flourishing economic tree of the US.

However, on a couple of occasions in the narrative, the authors sound too opinionated and in order to accentuate the overall impact of the text they have not abstained from attempting to sensationalize the same. I feel the statistics and well researched piece of writing speak much louder than just the aggressive adjectives. The facts should always be presented in a completely matter-of-factly manner, keeping the personal opinions and views of the presenter out of the picture.

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  1. Interesting subject but otherwise this does not appeal to me from reading your review.


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