Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 : The year that was...

I remember the sole reason that inspired me to enter the blogging world (in 2009) was to chronicle my reading jaunts. I wanted to record the unique ideas that each book offer and the impression that each one of them leaves on me and I wanted the same to be accessible within a few clicks and blogging gave me the perfect way to achieve all that and in fact, much more. As I progressed on this sojourn many new dimensions kept getting appended to this endeavour of mine including getting acquainted to some wonderful co-bloggers who inspired me in many ways. Today after more than two years since I began this journey, I can happily say that this has been a very satisfying experience so far and I hope to continue on this path for many more years to come.

So in order to celebrate the body of work that I have been accumulating over these years, I have decided to enlist the 'must read' titles by the end of each year (or beginning of every new year :))
Here is the list of books that I read in 2011, which truly enriched me in many ways.

  1. Non-Fiction

  1. Mythology

  1. Fun/chick-lit

By The Water Cooler - Parul Sharma

  1. Fiction

  1. Travelogue

  1. Kidlit


  1. Another list to pick something from.. I value your recommendation.. Have already read 2 books from here and enjoyed them..Cheers

  2. I at least read the reviews of all of these.Reading has been slow for me due to academic commitments but i will soon be back.Thanks for this list.

  3. Have loved reading your posts, Vibha, and have learnt much from you.

  4. Jyoti ~ I am glad you liked those books, they were really masterpieces.

    Abhinav ~ Thanks and we are waiting for your reviews too. I just finished reading 'Into The Wild' on your reco., a very interesting book. Will post the review soon.

    Sandhya ~ Thanks so much. We all are learning lessons that life has chosen for us.


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