Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Review : I Am Najar-am-Radh

Title : I am Najar-Am-Radh

Author : Geeta Dharmarajan

Illustrator : Vandana Singh

Publisher : Katha

ISBN : 978-81-89934-73-6

'I am Najar-Am-Radh' is a strange tale of a Tamarind Story Tree which has a treasure of wonderful stories for all. But how did this tree get all the stories? There is indeed a strange secret and a clever plan behind this.

Long time ago, all trees had lots of stories to narrate but a Wizard of Tantrapuri plucked all the words uttered by those trees, from the wind and robbed the trees off their stories. Once it so happened that he was cleverly tricked by a story teller who introduced the Wizard himself as a character in the story and unmindful of that, the wizard plucked that story too and put it in a tamarind seed and before he could realize his folly, he was entrapped in the tamarind seed.

Now the only way for him to get freedom was to be sown in the soil and since he had snatched so many stories of so many trees, he became a Tamarind Tree which was full of stories. And he started enjoying his status as a great story tree.

People from far and near places come to listen to his stories and he is a very friendly story teller now.

A swirling magic of the tamarind tree beautifully illustrated by Vandana Singh is sure to captivate young readers.

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