Wednesday, April 4, 2012

App Review : Polar Bear Horizon

    Title : Polar Bear Horizon

    Author : Janet Halfmann

    Illustrations by : Adrian Chesterman

    Available on : Android and Apple devices

    (Available at special introductory price of 99 cents )

    Another offering(fifth, to be precise) by OmBooks which comes with three options - Read to Me, Read it Myself and Auto Play.

    It is the story of a polar bear family which lives in the north coast of Alaska. The two cubs are born to a Polar Bear in late December when sun does not shine. But now they are restless and want to come out because spring has arrived and the den is getting warmer for the new cubs and their mother. The mother first tests the outer world by poking her head out of her snowy den and when she smells the air safe, she lets the furry cubs out.

    The two cubs are trying to explore the big new world outside the confines of their den. The mother is famished and is looking out for some bearded seals or ringed seals for her hearty meal. She trains the little cubs during the first couple of years by teaching them ways to protect themselves as well as to find food at the right places. The cubs also learn to swim in the sea water.

    The story educates the readers about the life cycle of polar bears, their eating habits, their hibernation patterns, their parenting style and much more. Besides talking about the Polar Bears, the narrative also introduces other four legged and winged inhabitants of this part of the world some of which form the meals of Polar Bears.

    The book takes the readers to the world of the Polar Bears and their little ones and what all it takes to survive in such harsh climatic conditions. Overall an interesting story on the furry animals which live almost at the edge of our earth far away from any kind of human touch. The illustrations are gorgeous and the extra facts on Polar Bears at the end are an extra bonus.

    The book application comes with these features:

  1. Picture-word association
  2. Clear audio narration
  3. Melodious background score and other sound effects
  4. Zoom option on the images

  5. However, I would have liked if the keywords in the text were highlighted or had a little detailed explanation associated with them.

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