Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review : Let's Talk Money

Title : Let's Talk Money : Road to Riches Made Easy
Author : Akhil Khanna
Publisher : Times Group Books
ISBN : 978-93-80942-88-9

If financial terms overwhelm you and if you are looking for a primer course in order to understand the fundamentals of financial jargon then this is the book for you. It is with this objective that Akhil Khanna has written this book, to enable and empower the people from non-financial background so that they are able to take informed decisions related to money matters. Money is one topic which is feared the most by many but pervades every single sphere of our life. Then instead of running away from discussing this topic, the best option is to face it by understanding it and using it for your benefit because knowledge begets power.

The content is divided into chapters and each chapter introduces a topic first followed by detailed explanation and concludes by reiterating the lessons taught. Very useful nuggets of wisdom are presented at the end of each chapter in the from of points to ponder. In all, the author does try very hard to bring home the point through elaborating upon every point that he is making with various simple yet relatable examples and recapitulating it many times over.
The stage is first set by introducing money and how it changes hands, the factors which impact the price of any commodity, how the demand and supply equation impacts pricing of the services/commodities and what makes a nation's economy. Once the fundamentals are established then he proceeds on to discuss topics ranging from personal investment options to global scenario. The information is appropriately presented in a very simplistic manner so that it capacitates a beginner to handle the financial matters. At the least this handbook would not let an individual feel handicapped in managing one's own money. The book sufficiently warns readers against the risks of some investments and how to be wary of the same. It is very wise of Akhil Khanna to have included chapters on Global Environment and World Financial Crisis. Former becomes extremely significant in the wake of shrinking world through wired reality of current times and the lecture on latter is a kind of analysis of the factors that led to the fall of big names in the crisis and lessons learnt from those mistakes. The chapter on 'Invest in Happiness' deserves special mention and it should form the fundamental baseline of an individual's life.

However the narrative is not free of grammatical mistakes altogether. The author makes it very clear what the book is aimed for and manages to achieve the objective wonderfully.  It is amazing that he has touched all the topics of concern to a layman yet staying clear of the rigmarole of this field. So my compliments to the author for having offered this kind of a light introductory course to novices in financial world. 

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  1. I liked this book too! I am lucky to have my copy autographed by the author, Mr. Khanna himself!


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