Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mouthpiece #8

What you seek is what you get!
Jaaki rahi bhaavna jaisi Prabhu moorat dekhi tin taisiIn whichever way one chooses to perceive the Lord, in that very form the Lord appears to him.Jo mange Thakur apne te, soi soi deveNanak das mukh te jo bole, iha uha sach hoveThe Lord gives whatever is asked from Him.Whatever Nanak, the servant, speaks from his mouth becomes true here and hereafter.Continue reading here...
What's Brewing - Carrot Cake
Maida : 2 cupsBaking powder : 2 tspBaking soda : 1-½ tspCinnamon powder : 2-½ tspEggs : 4Sugar (powdered) : 2 cups Carrots (grated) : 2 cupsWalnuts (chopped) : ¾ cupCoconut (desicated) : 1 cupOil : 1-½ cupSalt : a pinchRecipe here...

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