Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mouthpiece #11

Fragrance of Flowers
But they will bloom
The magnificently bloomed rose looks so resplendent today, it is hard to take the eyes off from adoring its beauty. Today, the flower has blossomed to its full glory. In spite of there being innumerable roses in the world, the loveliness of this one is absolutely exclusive. It is hard to pin point one thing which is unique about it, yet it is so, unquestionably.Continue reading here...

Some fuel for the body
Once the idli batter is ready, making idlis is the simplest job because it is done by the rice cooker and one doesn’t need to supervise the cooking process even. When the whistle in the idli cooker starts blowing, it is time to remove the ready idlis from the cooker, let them cool down before scooping them out of their moulds and soon the moulds are ready to be refilled with the batter again. I often prepare extra idlis with the objective that the breakfast next day would become a breeze to prepare.Continue here...

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