Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Review : Ball Heaven

Title : Ball Heaven

Author : Diego Castellanos

Illustrator : Paula Bossino

ISBN : 978-81-89934-57-6

Have you ever wondered what would a ball write if it ever decides to express its feelings in a human- understandable language? In 'Ball Heaven' , a ball invites the readers to join him in his journey to discover a ball heaven contrary to the belief of many who think that balls do not have any heaven. The fact is, balls do have one and their heaven is - in the red watermelon glistening in the midst of green leaves, in playing hide and seek, near the sea shores being one among the pebbles, in flying, in swimming in the skies, in falling from the sky wrapped in rain clouds and many more such enchanting lovely places and things. But there comes some sad days in their lives too when they are not perfectly round, when they are broken but during such times, they need a special someone - a true friend, who brings in a ray of new hope and happiness in their lives.

I like such books which encourages young readers to have compassion for everybody and everything around them and to cultivate sensitivity towards the feelings of others. Also, it brings out a very subtle message that a heaven is actually a state when we learn to appreciate and enjoy everything that we observe, experience and do, no matter how small or big, significant of insignificant that thing really is. If it gives us pleasure, the same becomes our heaven.

Simple illustrations by Paula Bossino using mostly pencil drawings are lovely and I am sure the drawings will motivate many kids to pick their pencils and doodle something that comes to their minds. That is what my kids did after reading this book.

'Ball Heaven' is the Katha Chitrakala 2009 Runner Up.

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