Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book Review : For the Love of a Cat

Title : For The Love Of A Cat

Author : Rosalind Wilson

Illustrations by : Wen Hsu

Publisher : Katha

For the Love of a Cat is a story of a young and poor artist who derived immense pleasure from his painting work. The other love of his life was his little cat Tara with whom he shared his home, food and even his last meal. As they waited for their death, a group of priests from the temple of Buddha knock at the door of his hut with a request. They wanted the starving painter to paint the portrait of Lord Buddha with all possible creatures of nature surrounding him with only one exception. There should not be any cat in the painting as Buddha does not like the cats. The artist sets off to work delightfully and all through this time, he has his dear companion to give him company. When the painting is about to be complete, his cat fell sick and was dying and he understood what his cat wanted during the last days. The cat wanted to be a part of the painting too. Now the painter has to choose between his art and his dying cat. What does he finally decide and who comes to his rescue at the end if he disobeys the priests?

This sweet little book by Katha, focuses on the special bond between a boy and his pet. Simple text on the pages and vibrant colors of the illustrations make this book easily a favorite among young readers.

The author Rosalind Wilson, an English woman having heard a lot about India travelled to India in 1966 made this place her home. She was passionate about writing for children.

Wen Hsu was born in Taiwan and later moved to Costa Rica. Her brilliant illustrations reflect a perfect blend of Chinese shapes and vibrant colors of Costa Rica.


  1. aww.. adorable ! I should start reading more books in this genre.

  2. Katha books are great for little children. This one is perfect for 6+ age group.


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