Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Review : Moon, Ramu and I

Title : Moon, Ramu and I

Author : Geeta Dharmarajan

Illustrator : Harshvardhan Kadam

Publisher : Katha

A lovely piece of imagination of a little child who wants to go to the moon as many Americans and Russians do. (S)He makes an attempt to reach moon by climbing on all the furniture piled up in the room, but realizes that the moon is way too far. Then plan B is put into action, to go to a nearby hilltop to be more closer to the moon. To give him/her company and timely suggestions, there is the pet dog Ramu and fun loving Nana (grandfather). Now three of them pull all the furniture to the top of the hill but sadly that is not sufficient either. But there is something which comes to their aid and that is the silvery shining path of the moonbeam. The party of three get onto it and fulfill their fantasy. There is someone else who is following them and soon would like to join them. So hold onto your seats, read on and join the adventure to the moon without any rocket or any sort of preparation.

This cute little story by Katha reminded me of the Bhabhloo bear of 'Bhabhloo Bear's Adventure', by Pratham books. Bhabhloo had similar dream of reaching the moon too and was helped by the silvery moonbeam in the end. And now all Himalayan Bears wear the same silver moonbeam on their chests as a reminder of that incidence.

The pictures by Harshwardhan Kadam are poured on complete two pages with minimal text - a sure way to pull young readers towards this particular fancy of the little one like them.


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