Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review : Who Stole my Soul?

Title : Who Stole my Soul ?
Author : Vishwa Prakash
This review is written for Book Pleasures

"Who Stole my soul" is a dialogue between the author - Vishwa Prakash and Mr. Devil (the anti-God). The book begins with a confused state which the author finds himself in - a conflict going on between his selfish and selfless states. He is desperately in search of his true self. Till 50 years of his life, he happily indulged in chasing money and fame of accumulating more and more worldly accolades but gradually these same things start losing their charm and he finds himself stagnating emotionally and spiritually. He feels his soul has left him in search of some more fulfilling prospects. Now he too feels drawn towards the philanthropic path that his soul has chosen and he experiences a warm glow within him in giving and helping his fellow beings through the medium of laughter yoga.

In an attempt to get his thinking more clear on the issues that are bothering him, he decides to hold a one-on-one with Mr. D, who pleasantly turns out to be quite unlike the author's notion of him. And begins an odyssey through which Mr. D very nonchalantly takes the author to unraveling of the mysteries of life in a gradual and subtle manner. The questions about - God, His need to create an anti-God, journey of souls through various lifetimes, significance of religion in the life, true meaning of our lives - get answered beautifully when actually the author is taken within himself in pursuit of the solutions. As the conversation progresses, comes the awareness of - logical yet ignored goal of finding, feeling and feeding the soul.

A unique way of presentation and while being a part of the conversation readers may feel their own questions getting answered on many occasions. Many self-help books fall in an easy trap of getting transformed into long lists of "to do" and "not to do" things. It feels good while reading them but scarcely they become a part of the thought process. 'Who Stole my Soul?' very neatly refuses to take this bait. While having this colloquy, the author is driven by Mr. D to reach the conclusions himself rather than the same being spoon fed to him directly. Needless to say, the process of self discovery makes much more lasting impressions on mind.

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