Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mouthpiece #23

Vyadha-Gita Analysed (continued from previous issue)
After having read about Vyadha Gita, my mind kept hovering over the same anecdote and this is what impressed me the most:
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Magic of rains...
Rains, though is a natural phenomenon, yet always manage to do wonders to my spirits. This time when it rained, I wanted to write something but while sifting through my writings, I came across this piece which exactly conveyed my current state of mind, hence sharing it here. 
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Malai Paneer
Cottage cheese - 250 gm
Ginger : 1 inch (grated)
Tomatoes : 3 medium (pureed)
Red chilli powder : ½ tsp
Kasoori methi : 1 tsp (crushed with hands)
Garam masala : ¼ tsp
Fresh cream : 2 tbsp (I use Amul’s)
Coriander leaves : 1 tbsp (finely chopped)
Salt : to taste
Oil : 2 tbsp

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mouthpiece #22


Vyadha Gita - I had heard about it (not sure when and where) but never tried exploring the history behind it. In Swami Vivekanand’s lectures on Karma Yoga, he talks about this Gita which is part of Vana-Parva in the epic Mahabharata. This was told to Yudhishthir by the sage Markandeya.
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An epitaph for the physical bookstores...
I belong to a generation that was born in 70s and general reading beyond the books prescribed in the school curriculum was a rare phenomenon. Literature for kids was practically unheard of. Tintin, Chacha Chaudhary, Champak, Chandamama and some similar such were a few periodicals that represented the kidlit category in bookstores or on newspaper stands. Hardy Boys, Famous Five and Nancy Drew series were a few series which were available to young adults of those times. Written words could be beyond the ‘ABC of Physics’ or Lakhmir Singh and Manjeet Kaur came as a realisation to me when I completed my schooling years.
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What's brewing? Potato curry 
Potatoes : 4-5 (boiled, peeled and cut in small cubes)
Asafoetida : 1/8th of a tsp
Cumin seeds : 1 tsp
Turmeric powder : ½ tsp
Red chilli powder : ¼ tsp
Salt : to taste
Green chillies : 2 (slit)
Kadhi leaves : 8-10
Coriander leaves : 1 tbsp (finely chopped)
Garam masala : ¼ tsp
Oil : 2 tbsp
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mouthpiece #21

For Love's Sake...
While the Pandavas were in their exile along with their queen Draupadi, once Draupadi asked Yudhishthir, how it was that he, the most virtuous of men and a disciple of Lord Krishna should suffer in so much misery? To this Yudhishthir answered, ‘The Himalayas, how grand and beautiful they are; I love them. They do not give me anything, but my nature is to love the grand, the beautiful, therefore I love them. Similarly, I love the Lord. He is the source of all beauty, of all sublimity. He is the only object to be loved; my nature is to love Him and therefore I love. I do not pray for anything, I do not ask for anything. Let Him place me wherever He likes. I must love Him for love’s sake. I cannot trade in love.’
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Magic in Kitchen (to stay cool...)
Aam Panna (Mango summer cooler)
This drink is supposed to be ideal for peak summer noons.
Raw mangoes : 4
Jaggery/powdered jaggery : as much as the pulp of the mangoes
Cumin seeds : 1 tsp (roasted and powdered)
Black salt : 1 1/2tsp
Black pepper : ½ tsp
Mint leaves : 8-10

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Mouthpiece #20

Not all who wander are lost…

The World Beckons
Vacation, time to look for ways to unwind and recharge the batteries for next span of routine. With travelling on the upswing these days, the question is, which type of locations offers the maximum succour to the exhausted nerves (physically and mentally). Some find the much required and much deserved relaxation in locations that are bustling with activity - heart of the cities, while others just want to stay put nestled in the lap of mother nature. Whether within the country or on foreign locales, once this basic decision is made, the options are aplenty.
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What's Brewing ? Rice Idli
Rice (Sona masoori) : 3 cupsUrad dal : 1 cupPoha : ½ cupSalt : to tasteOil : to grease the idli moulds

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

श्रद्धा सुमन

कभी अकेला पा घेर लेता है यादों का मेला मुझे
सोचती हूँ कैसा होता आज अगर होता तुम्हारा साथ साथ में
देती हूँ मन को दिलासा यह कह फिर, जितना मिला, मिला तो
एक उदाहरण है उस ऊँचाई का और उस-से जनित एक उद्देश्य भी

ढूँढती हूँ वो सुकून वो अपनापन कुछ छोटी बड़ी चीज़ों में
कुछ साथ बिताए लम्हों में और छोटी छोटी बातों में
शायद हो पाये उस स्पर्श की थोड़ी अनुभूति फिर से
शायद पा सकूँ तुम्हारे आशीर्वादों की लड़ी फ़िर से एक बार

बेसन के वो लड्डू जो तुमसे बेहतर कोई बना न सका
सबसे छुपा कर चार और डाल देती थीं तुम उस डिब्बे में
तुम्हारे प्यार और आशीर्वाद की अभिव्यक्ति ही तो थी
पहुँच जाती थी जो मुझ तक बिना कुछ कहे सुने भी

एक अनुपम सुख का अनुभव करतीं थीं तुम शायद
तभी तो अपने हिस्से की खीर भी हमें खिला देतीं थीं
बादाम की वो कुछ गिरियाँ जो तुम प्यार से देतीं थीं
वो चंद गिरियाँ ही बहुत थीं तृप्त कर देने को हम सब को

अनेकों बेड़ियों से बद्ध रहा तुम्हारा सम्पूर्ण जीवन
पर अपनी सादगी सरलता से कर दिया नतमस्तक उन्हें भी
अपने कर्म और धर्म के प्रति सदा तत्पर और सजग रहीं तुम
रिश्तों को इतना सींचा कि हो गए परिभाषित वे भी फ़िर

नहीं हैं मोहताज मन के भाव और उदगार शब्दों के
कैसे सिमट सकता है कुछ असीम, शब्दों की सीमाओं में
मन से कुछ श्रद्धा सुमन समर्पित कर रही हूँ तुम्हें
शायद पहुँच जाएँ तुम तक, हो हवा के किसी झोंके पे सवार

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