Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Review : Jalebi Curls

Title : Jalebi Curls (Bilingual book from Tulika)
Author : Niveditha Subramaniam
Art : Kavita Sing Kale
Age : 3+

Such is the magical spell of this curly sweet that when crispy, golden jalebis are popped into the mouth, sweet dense liquid fills every part of the mouth and gives a heavenly feeling. No wonder, the Raja of this story is a great lover of Jalebis so much so that he even dreams of them while sleeping. He dreams Jalebis everywhere - the jalebi moon, queen's earrings, even the two ends of his moustache turn into jalebis. And now his mother, daughter and wife want to eat the jalebis and his moustache is in danger. He wakes up from this nightmare and finds to his relief that there is still one Jalebi left to be relished by him and that is exactly what he does.

Illustrations by Kavitha Singh Kale completely captured the love of the Jalebis in her beautiful illustrations where only the Jalebis are in saffron colour and the rest of the art work is painted blue. Totally conveys the inner feelings of the person who is obsessed with a thing, and how that same thing comes to focus everywhere leaving the rest to fade away in the background.
{Image courtesy : Tulika Books}


  1. Lovely review, Vibha.
    Question: Why is the font of the book review orange coloured?
    Answer: Because the book is about jalebis. Hahaha. Sorry, couldn't help it:)

  2. You guessed it right. How could I not do my bit to show Raja's love for Jalebis!!


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