Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review : Living With Evolution or Dying Without It

Title : Living With Evolution or Dying Without it
Author : K.D.Koratsky
Publisher : Sunscape Books
ISBN : 978-0-9826546-0-6

Reviewed for BookPleasures
A great book written by K.D.Koratsky with the most appropriate title. A factual book that chronologically takes the readers through the journey of evolution. The journey which began approximately 13.7 billion years ago with the grand Big Bang explosion.

The natural selection - the fundamental base of almost every phenomenon in the entire universe gets instrumental in deciding what goes or stays, where, when and how. There is a sneak peek through different eras that universe went through and specifically our planet where the ingredients got right at the right place and at the right time to make life possible. Many species came, evolved, and became history, making room for the next ones. The nature has been displaying its brutal intelligence by silently churning different species testing them on their adaptability and fitness quotients. Not just the species, even the specific features in some species get eliminated if they fail to provide the required functionality making themselves redundant. In such cases, nature chooses to release the energy held up to maintain the existence of those superfluous features or the whole superfluous species, for better application of the same energy. Species that learn the trick of adapting with the natural changes increase their chances of survival at the cost of those which fail to do the same.
The author emphasizes the importance of understanding that humans in no way will be favored by this natural law, and there are enough evidences to prove it to be so. However some cues can be taken from how the selection process works to handle or manage the survivability challenges facing humankind.

The book discusses the sequence of significant events in the evolution process of - the universe, the earth and the living beings. Life began with the most simplest form breathing first in the ocean, gradually life moved from sea to the land, followed by the arrival of innumerable species of amazingly various kinds which established themselves as more adaptable and more advanced. So far humans have surpassed all the rest in terms of their brain power and their adaptability skills. With them came the language, the religion and not to forget, the conflicts too - the world wars, the cold war and much more. This intelligent species, even tries to challenge the nature, so much so that environment which is known to have influenced the life at all times is being forced to get influenced by life now, at least that is being attempted.

A wonderful book presenting the facts in a very objective fashion. Highly recommended for all those who want to learn more about where we came from and where we are heading to


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