Tuesday, April 24, 2012

App Review : Little Critter Collection # 1

Title : Little Critter Collection # 1
Author : Mercer Mayer

My kids have always enjoyed reading the Little Critter books and I was thrilled to see these picture books on the hand held devices too. This omBook application offers a set of 10 small books. Each of these books is a wonderful reading and visual experience for the young readers. I find Little Critter books very similar to  Berenstein Bear books and Arthur book series in which a small subtle message is packed in an interesting story from the lives of some lovable and endearing characters.

The narrator's voice and rendition is so captivating that you feel like watching more and more of Little Critter. The sound effects are beautifully incorporated in the stories.

Like the other omBooks, the images have naming words associated with them which pop up on tapping them.

Little Critter - All by Myself
In this sweet simple book, Little Critter is excited to be a responsible person and not a child anymore. He is happy that he is able to do many things on his own though not always in the perfect manner. For instance he tries to tie his shoe laces but by mistake ties the two laces together, he tries to pour his own juice but spills a little on the floor and many such things. But the point that comes across beautifully is that he is making a sincere effort and that is commendable.

I Just forgot
In this book, some of those things are pointed out which every child finds hard to remember - putting the toys away, turning the tap off and many more such things. But here again Little Critter is trying his best to accomplish all these tasks but somehow some things just slip out of his mind though his intentions are not to do so. The lovable Little Critter makes this story so much relatable to every little child.

When I Get Bigger
I guess every little child wants to get bigger sooner than later and more so when they see adults exercising so much of freedom and control over so many things. The adult world looks very enticing for young minds who are unaware of the struggles and challenges of that phase. Likewise Little Critter is just waiting to get bigger as soon as possible so that he could go to the store on his own, watch late night movies, own a two-wheeler and many other things which catch his fancy. He can’t wait to get bigger.

Just Me and My Mom
Little Critter takes a trip to the city with her mom and they visit a museum there but it is hard to have an uneventful day in Critter's life so first he loses the train tickets, picks up dinosaur's egg in the museum and ends up having much more adventure and excitement than a regular visit brings. But despite all these, he enjoys the day out with his mother thoroughly and peacefully goes off to sleep in the train while returning home.

The New Baby
Little Critter is super excited to have a new baby sister and he wants to be a good big brother but he fails to understand why the baby keeps crying even when he tells her his best jokes or makes funny faces. But slowly he finds out what all he can do with the new baby to amuse her and entertain her.

Just Grandma and Me
Little Critter gets to spend a day at the beach with his grandma. He tries to help grandma in his own innocent and funny way. When his grandma's hotdog falls in the sand, he washes the hotdog with ocean water and offers help to blow up his own inflatable sea horse. It turns out to be a fun day with grandma in the summer.

The New Potty
A perfect book to read to the children who are undergoing potty training. In this book, Little Critter's sister is learning to use her brand new potty. She does not like sitting on it but when her brother shows her how to sit on the potty, she willingly follows him. She reads and watches TV while sitting on the potty and makes her dolls sit on it and slowly even learns to use the potty at the right time to avoid any spills on the floor.

Just For You
Little Critter really wants to do something just for his mom so he tries doing some chores for which he is still very little. While carrying the groceries, he drops them in the driveway and when he tries to take bath on his own, he splashes too much. But there is still one thing which he can do just for his mom and he can not go wrong in that and that is giving her a big hug and a kiss. Little Critter comes across as a very sensitive and thoughtful  person.

Me Too
Little Critter is facing the challenge of managing her little sister who wants to do exactly the same things as he does and tags along everywhere he goes. Very patiently Little Critter listens to her 'Me too's , lets her play in his games, agrees to let her in his secret hiding place in the tree house and even shares the last piece of cake with her. And one day Little Critter realizes that it does help to share things with the siblings because the same behavior comes back too.

I Was So Mad
Little Critter is finding it hard to understand the ways of the elders because he is not getting to do anything that he wishes to do. All he hears them say is - No, you can’t do. It is interesting to read how he manages his anger and finds some fun activities to do.

There are three ways to read the books - Read to Me, Read it Myself and Auto Play and the readers can switch between the stories through the main menu.


  1. Very interesting. So, is this an app from omBooks? Is it free? So one can download the app and then download the books separately? Is the download of books a paid service? The app is available on iOS/Android/Both?

  2. Thanks. Yes, this is an app from omBooks. It is not free. It is for $11.99 and you need to pay this much amount for the app - which is actually a collection of 10 books. No separate payment. The app is available on iOS and Android both.

    I hope all your queries are answered.

  3. I was interested to note that you are considering books on readers for your children.


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