Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book Review : Kuttan's Dilemma

Title : Kuttan's Dilemma
Author : Leni Varkey
Illustrator : Rishi Bhardwaj
Publisher : LeadStart
ISBN : 978-93-81115-90-9

Little Kuttan is in a situation we all find in our homes during the long hot unstructured days of summer vacation. Kuttan's day begins lazily, this not being a school day. He enjoys every morsel of his breakfast of delectable puris feeling happy that he does not have to rush through his meal in order to board the school bus, but what after that? There is nothing much to do in a day like this when it gets hot so early and there is not a single speck of cloud in the sky. Nothing seems to be bringing any thrill in his life.

The story moves forward when during the day his mother sends him to run an errand next door for her. That is Achayan's house and there, Kuttan finds himself entangled in some strange sequence of events. One particular involuntary action of his also happens to be a questionable one. Now he has a huge mental distress to deal with. He is in a dilemma and while handling the huge struggle that is going on in his mind, completely on his own, he learns some very important life lessons as well as a lot about himself too. It is rightly said, the best learning happens when in adverse circumstances.

Author Leni Varkey has meticulously described the scenes through her well worded text making the scenes come alive in front of readers' eyes. Kuttan's story pulls you in, right from page one as he tries to understand the vicissitudes of life and his faith on basic values gets firmer with his parents guiding him lovingly. I appreciate how author has worded and presented the inner turmoil of the little child which makes it so real and I am sure this would help many young readers to learn from the experience of Kuttan. Very simple lessons taught in a beautiful manner. A worthy buy indeed for young kids. 

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