Friday, December 21, 2012

Book Review : Moin the Monster Songster

Title : Moin the Monster Songster
Author : Anushka Ravishankar
Illustrator : Anitha Balachnadran
Publisher : Duckbill
ISBN : 9789381626917

The uninvited guest in the form of a monster was mysteriously found under Moin's bed in 'Moin and the Monster'.
In the sequel by the name 'Moin the Monster Songster' the same pink coloured monster is still very much a part of Moin's life and is sharing his room, his friends and his bananas too. The monster recalls some strange monster rules off and on and one of Moin's friends Tony is careful enough to record each of these rules in a separate rule book.

Because of monster's particularly uniquely screeching voice and his penchant for singing, which Moin's parents mistook as Moin's singing, Moin has  been forbidden to sing in the house. But his tutor has very good impression of Moin's singing and he is one of the star singers in the concert that the tutor has organised. But the monster who was supposedly locked in Moin's cupboard, somehow sneaks out and is now free to enjoy the musical evening and he has one weakness, he cannot restrain himself from singing if he hears anybody singing.

It turns out to be an adventurous evening when the music teacher gets to witness the music prowess of his star student Moin and gets a shock of his life. But surprisingly the screeching voice still manages to win one patron in the gathering - none other than a Bollywood music maestro himself.

The laugh riot that began with 'Moin and the Monster' continues in 'Moin the Monster Songster'.  Anushka Ravishankar's writings are enjoyed thoroughly by the young readers as the same are sprinkled with generous doses of fun, humour and  entertainment. Unlike most of the Indian children's books, the preaching or education part is not the focus in the same. 


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