Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Review : Where's Green?

Title : Where's Green? (The EnteleTrons Series)
Author : Renee Heiss and Gary A. Stewart
Illustrated by : Fay Cofrancesco

'Where's Green?' introduces us to three EnteleTrons : Ellie - the electron, Priti - the Proton and Ning - the Neutron. And in tune with the typical characteristics of these particles, Ellie is always looking for ways to make connections and sometimes ends up making mistakes too. Priti, the Proton brings positivity to everything around her. She is a loving character taking strength from her positive outlook towards people and life in general. Many times she gently nudges Ellie to correct her mistakes too. Finally the mediator, the most neutral character is the Ning. He is the one looking to solve problems and to work on challenges. He is an expert in using various devices that are available in their EnteleLab.

The author has very intelligently chosen the names for these significant particles highlighting the essence of their personalities . The name Ellie is of Greek origin meaning Light, name Priti is Indian and means love and Ning is of Chinese origin which means peaceful.

This time all three of them are trying to investigate the reason for the green color to be missing from the plants, trees and even from the rainbow. They decide to question the primary colors first for the reason behind the disappearance of green color from among them. They come to know that the bickering of all the rest of the colors annoyed the calm green color to such an extent that it decided to leave the group.
Thanks to Ellie, Priti and Ning, the rainbow colors realize their folly and agree that the natural order was indeed the best way to be. This appeased the green color too and it wooshed back at its rightful place.

A colorful book for young readers and a step towards starting them early on the concepts of science in a fun and light way. The rainbow colors, the three particles of matter, the prism, separation of visible light and many other things are introduced in a very simple manner through an interesting tale. Moreover, the life lesson of working together and in unison is also conveyed beautifully here. The after notes written by the author are worth mentioning too - "When you read about the EnteleTrons and their adventures, think about how tiny they are in size, but how huge they are in their effect on the universe. You can be just like the EnteleTrons.  Think about how you can make a huge difference in other people's lives too."

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