Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mouthpiece #16

Success or failure
Once we determine a certain goal in our life, we try to ascertain the quantum of efforts and work that needs to go in achieving that. Usually we categorize the outcome as either success or failure. It is quite ironical that when we fail, most often we end up brooding, feeling cheated, blaming multiple factors or reveling in self pity state. continue here...
What's Brewing (err... Chilling)? 
Thandai or Chilled Badaam MilkAlmonds : 20 (soaked for 4-5 hrs and peeled)Powdered sugar : 2tspPoppy seeds (khus-khus) : 1 tsp (soaked)Saffron : 3-4 strandsMilk : 2 cups (boiled and chilled)recipe here...

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