Friday, June 12, 2020


As I sat today to write something, I wondered what should it be: my analysis of the unprecedented times that we all are witnessing currently, about the wisdom this situation has(or should have) imparted to humankind, about my personal learning curve, on nature getting a free reign to exhibit its prowess or perhaps something on the many disturbing issues - precious lives being reduced to mere numbers, endless woes of migrant workers and underprivileged or similar such.

I am sure all of us have read, analysed and discussed at length about these over the past three months. I decided to refrain from all, despite the fact that I strongly feel about each one mentioned (and many more unlisted).
Even if the times are gripped in the tangles of fear, uncertainty and anxiety, life doesn’t cease to continue. In fact, these are precisely the times which offer immense opportunities to an individual to reorient oneself towards what one deems absolutely significant in one’s life. 
For me, it is something that gives me perspective, solace and peace. Hence trying to bind that feeling in words here:
I am the sparkling dew drops on a new petal
I am a tiny crease on one of the shriveled faces
I am in the dimness of the dusk and of the dawn
I am in the brilliance of the bright noon
I am the crowning splash on the rising wave
I am the lowest point in the ebbing ocean
I am that silence in the darkest spot of the night
I am also the deafening noise surrounding the peace
I am a tiny speck on the slope of a mighty mountain
I am that fluffy cloud shadowing the summit of the cliff
I am the froth dancing with a merry cascading river
I am a pebble happily settled mutely on the river bed
I am at the zenith of the towering redwood tree
I am a blade of grass rising its head from the crack of soil
I am in the varied merging hues in the sky
I am the pristine white and also the stark black

I am in the vastness of this “Nature” and yet
I am in the minutest of the details in everything
I reside silently in every thought and every emotion
I am also in the multitude of actions and the activities
I am in all and all are in me, validating the oneness
I know, I am just a part of that ultimate supreme
hE always resides in mE and I in hIm and thus
I am, what He wants me to be !!!

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