Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Book Review : Letters To Sam

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Author: Daniel Gottlieb

This book is a collection of 32 letters written by a grandfather - Dan, who is paralysed neck down since last 25 years, so he has quadriplegia. Dan is a practicing psychologist and a family therapist. He starts writing these letters to his grandson- Sam, when he was born. But after two years he comes to know that Sam is an autistic child. Still he continued writing these letters in the hope that with all the therapies, someday Sam will be able to pick this book up and read what all his grandfather wants to share with him, especially how he managed most of his life being different from others and how Sam also needs to get comfortable with his different-ness in his life.
He has written some very fine life lessons from which each of us can learn something to incorporate in our lives - being more compassionate, making our container bigger so that we see our problem through a wider angle to get the correct perspective. Accept the uniqueness in individuals.

Besides these lessons that he has presented in an interesting manner, the way he has depcited the parent-child emotions, is very touching. He has shared his feelings as a son with Sam and even after his father is long gone, how he misses the final touch of his father.

Overall a very well written book and a good read.

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