Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Book Review : George's Secret Key to The Universe

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It is a wonderful book written by a well known physicist Stephen Hawking along with his daughter Lucy Hawking.

Facts about physics, universe and time are woven beautifully in a very gripping story. George is a school going boy who comes from a family which believes that technology is not good for our earth and it is doing more harm than good. Then he meets his neighbours - Annie and her father Eric. Eric is a scientist who with the help of his super computer - Cosmos, goes on trips to the unknown territories of the universe in search of a new planet like Earth where life could be possible. How once on his trip he gets lost in a black hole and how George with the help of Cosmos, Annie and her mother Susan helps him come out of it is really interesting. In the end George's parents also feel that science and technology are not bad, with the help of technology we are getting to know our universe better. But technology should be used for the betterment of the humanity and not for its destruction.

A must read for all above age 6yrs. It made me more interested in the facts about universe and I would like to read more on this subject.

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