Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review : The Notebook

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Author : Nicholas Sparks

This is also one of the titles from the list of "must read books", that was published in the newspaper - Times of India.

A very mushy typical love story where it is evident that the souls are meant to be together. A story about Noah and Allie. Their first meeting was magical, got to spend whole summer in each other's company but got separated to finally get united after fourteen years, during which they kept longing to be with each other and kept remembering their summer together. They get to spend a fulfilling life together, sharing common interests, encouraging each other all along. Allie starts showing signs of Alzhiemer and the story is about how Noah stays with her inspite of his own old age and other physical problems. With great love, commitment and affection he does get some rewards when Allie comes out from her own dark and lonely world and reaches out to him.
The story has a good flow and these kinds of books manage to grip the attention of the reader. But I think my interests are changing in the sense I do like nicely written books but they should offer more than a simple, compelling love story. Many times while reading this I was reminded of another such book - Bridges of Maddison County.

An average timepass book. Such books come under my category of "one day books" when you want to take a break for a day in between some heavy reading. I had heard a lot about this author so wanted to read atleast one of his books.


  1. Hey Vibha, Only yesterday I came across "The Guardian" and just started off with it. I had also heard so much about this author!Let me finish it off and then look around for The Notebook:)

  2. Hi Sreedevi, let me know how "The Guardian" is.

  3. Just yesterday I saw a promo of the WB movie made on this book- the acting and presentation seems good, with excellent cinematography. Haven't read this book, so wouldn't really know if they have done justice to it. Just thought I'd mention it.

  4. It's a nice book, a well written romantic story


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