Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Book Review : Letters From A Father To His Daughter

These letter were written by a famous personality - Jawaharlal Nehru to his daughter Indira Gandhi when he was in jail and she was in Mussorie. She was ten years old at that time. The language is appropriate for a child of that age to fully understand. He has introduced many concepts in his letters in a very readable manner. Starting from the origin of our solar system, earth, planets and other heavenly objects to various changes that took place on earth naturally and then the civilisations that walked on this earth. He has tried to arouse the interest of a child in reading the book of nature which tells us much more than what we see with our naked eyes. Each object carries a lot of history behind it and becomes a major part of the slow change which is happening every moment around us and in us. As a parent of two children, I liked the way he has tried to pass on such vast amount of information so briefly that the child doesn't loose interest and at the same time gets to know all important details. While reading these letters I was amazed at the way he has joined two seemingly unrelated topics in his narrative so easily. It is not very detailed but it does touch all significant aspects.

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  1. Even I found the brevity of his discussion, at the same time covering a wide range of topics very interesting. Truly a great overview of world history, and an introduction to ancient Indian history.


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